The process of creating an album is a cyclical journey, an unbroken circle spiraling through a series of musical experiences. I had another great session in the studio this week with the cookin’ rhythmic duo of Brian Roger (drums) and Frank Huizar (bass). They laid down the groove on It Ain’t Natural, a socially conscious country tune. Nice work, guys! I still have mouth harp, lead guitar, and additional vocals to add to it to make it complete.

New American Gospel

This process was coined by Dena and is practiced by Souls Journey, our inspirited musical collective. This newly found tradition is inspired by classic, old timey gospel tunes such as Will the Circle Be Unbroken and I’ll Fly Away. Any standard gospel can be revised to open the original words into a more universal expression of Spirit. In this tradition, I’ll Fly Away became I’m Here Today which affirms the power of being here now in the Divine moment.

An Unbroken Circle

You can hear our New American Gospel version of Will the Circle Be Unbroken in this recording that we made on Dena’s phone during a practice session.