New Release:
In This Circle

I’ve been working on this new album for over 4 years. Now it’s ready to share with the world.

Meadowlark Tunes

Marshal McKitrick=Meadowlark Tunes

Older and Wiser

The Bender Studio Sessions: 1988-1991
My first CD.

Welcome to
Meadowlark Tunes…

The online musical home for Marshal McKitrick. As an independent and mature artist, I’ve been down the road a bit! I’m not out to impress folks or convince you that I’m the best. Simply put, my mission is to co-create a connected, compassionate world for myself and others by speaking my truth, owning the power that lives in me, and expressing beauty of Spirit. I invite you to enjoy my musical offerings and, hopefully, be inspired, uplifted, and amused. May all beings be well!


“I was amazed and uplifted by the spiritual depth of your musical catalog. Joy, sadness, deep introspection, humor and hope; all conveyed perfectly through your inspired lyrics and musicianship.”


“Truly you are inspiring…the lyrics and melodies you have written honestly generate a real enjoyment.”


“I’ll admit I Google-search folks who email me from time to time, and I’m glad I did, as your music came up. You’ve got a great voice, Marshal; warm and rich! And fantastic songwriting, as well. I hope the Muse of Music continues to inspire you, as well. A creative life is its own reward.”

—John Claude Bemis (Author of The Prince Who Fell from the Sky)

“Marshal’s music is intimate and honest and reflects a lifetime of personal examination. Marshal’s songwriting reveals a keen eye for social commentary and a fierce desire to speak his truth. The result is tender, witty and passionate, and absolutely delightful.


“Every song delivers an experience that only comes through the intimacy, vulnerability and courage that Marshal has developed over all of the decades he has been perfecting his craft.”


You have a terrific website, and I really enjoyed hearing some of your music. Quite a range of styles, which is impressive. Enjoyed “Older and Wiser” and “Gaia’s Voice”, especially. Very nice writing, playing, and singing.

—Ronald Kidd
(author of Lord of the Mountain)

“Delightful, thought provoking and inspiring to hear the different lyrics you have written over the years.”


The sacred spirit of Meadowlark connects me to my childhood growing up in the American Midwest. I remember hearing Meadowlark’s cheerful, melodic call in the fields of Indiana on a beautiful spring or summer day. Also, the colors of Meadowlark symbolize three of the sacred directions of the medicine wheel: Gold (or yellow) for the Spirit of the East, Black for the Spirit of the West, and White for the Spirit of the North.