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I’m continuing with the process of studio mixdown for my album, In a Circle. So far, I have three songs mixed with only nine left to go. For those of you unfamiliar with mixing, it’s the most unglamorous part of recording an album. You might think of it in terms of housecleaning. I don’t enjoy vacuuming the carpet AND it’s nice to have a clean house to share with friends when they come over for a visit. In other words, mixing an album is necessary for everyone’s recorded musical enjoyment! And speaking of that, enjoy this recently mixed version of It Ain’t Natural by clicking here:

If you want to read more about how this song came about, click here.

Men at Work

I’m not referring to that popular 80?s New Wave band from Australia here. No, I’m talking about men’s groups. Back in the summer of 1979, I had just moved to California. I was a new father living with my infant son, wife, and step-daughter in the town of Davis. I had read some of Robert Bly’s early writings about men becoming more conscious and connecting with their true masculine self. As a result, I was very intrigued with this notion. While living in Davis, I joined my first ever men’s support group and experienced something totally new. In this group, I witnessed men who were being honest and open with other men about themselves and their life journey. For me, a powerful seed was planted that day and I wanted more.

Are We Not Men??

Over the years, I have been in various men’s groups. I’ve also been part of several different men’s communities. One of those men’s communities has trainings and chapters around the world in different countries. Around 2006, I became involved with a mentoring organization that works with young men from ages 12 through 17. Along the way, I have also participated in or staffed many different workshops and weekends for men and young men. I currently sit in a men’s group on a weekly basis. I have found this to be a very useful and empowering resource in my life.

We are Not a Men’s Group

If you’re thinking that all this men’s work stuff is always a serious matter, I offer you this tongue-in-cheek song. You may see a reflection of yourself here or a man that you know.

Poetry Spotlight: Rumi’s Moon

This poem came about from my experience at an event called Rumi’s Caravan, an evening of poetry with music. I found myself outside during the break enjoying the evening when the Muse paid me one of those unexpected visits.

Written by Marshal Jon McKitrick 9/7/14

After words flutter about
followed by proclamations of “Ahhh!!!”
I step down off the back porch
into the mystery of evening

Standing on bare dirt
making out moonglow
just over the roofline
there she is in her glory
for the last full moon of summer

And over there
the old church’s cathedral spire
is fully lit like a rocket on the launching pad
aiming for an unknown destination
that has already been reached in moonlight

The moon says:
There is nowhere to go
that cannot be found here
the journey and the destination
are one and the same

So, I will enjoy the fluttering
followed by ‘”Ahhh!!”
and savor the dark drive home