Spring is Here!

I’m grateful that Spring is here. Yay! I have come to enjoy Spring as my favorite season. For me, it’s the blossoming of new hope and possibilities. I am always amazed at the beauty and bold vitality of new flowers, as the squirrels celebrate up in the tree branches. Every year, I marvel at the magnolia tree in our back yard that goes from fuzzy buds early in the year to its white-pink blooms in springtime.

repeat - spring poem

Celebrating Spring Equinox

Spring cherry blossomsLast weekend, Dena and I made our monthly jaunt down to Piccolo Pastures. We sat in the labyrinth with our good friend, Karene, and others to celebrate the Spring Equinox. In ceremony, we welcomed in the spirit and energies of Spring. I heard the mourning doves coo-cooing in the trees, as the resident peacocks roamed around the grounds.

In the circle, I sang a classic Malvina Reynolds tune, God Bless the Grass. If you don’t know this powerful song, here it is.

“God bless the grass that’s gentle and low,
Its roots they are deep and its will is to grow.”

Poetry Spotlight: Earth Drums

I wrote this poem almost 20 years ago. I was traveling back home after experiencing a sacred masculine initiation via the New Warrior Training Adventure. As strange as it may sound, I really was tuned into the Earth’s heartbeat. Thus, I was inspired to compose the following.

Earth Drums

Written by Marshal McKitrick/ Copyright 1998

Behind the hum of machinery
Underneath the cold, hard concrete
I can hear the deep heartbeat of Earth
Drumming and droning
Its strength and power

When I sit still and focus
I hear the droning and drumming
In my heart chamber
Echoing in subterranean caverns

My heart is connected to Earth’s heart
Core to core, we are connected
By that ancient energy of life

Life that keeps moving
Through the needles on the cedar
And the song of the brook on the hillside

Life that can’t be completely hidden
By a restaurant in the airport terminal
Or jazz music on the car radio
It’s there, beating on past midnight
And into tomorrow

Earth will not wait for me to catch up
And pay attention
I must choose to listen