Song Spotlight: Sequoia Dreamtime

This song, Sequoia Dreamtime, was inspired by a trip Dena and I took in the spring of 2016. We took a long drive south of Fresno to attend a family reunion. I learned that the reunion location wasn’t far from Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park.

After the reunion , we drove up into the hills, located in the southern Sierra Nevada mountain range. Along the way, I appreciated the view of the valley with its blue oak woodlands and chaparral grasslands.

Grandfather Trees

Upon entering the park entrance, I felt anticipation and excitement. Furthermore, I recalled the childhood joy of experiencing the wonder of the natural world. Although, I had seen pictures of these giant sequoia trees as a child growing up in the Midwest, I had never been in their midst. I was amazed to find out that the giant sequoia forest is part of 202,430 acres of old-growth forests. And, I was looking forward to seeing the General Sherman tree, considered to be the largest tree on Earth.

When I got out of the car to walk through the Giant Forest, I started to connect with the huge trees. As I gazed high up at their lofty crowns, I was humbled by their sacred living presence. And, I imagined what they must have witnessed over the centuries. As I ambled near these grandfathers, rays of afternoon sunlight fell among their majestic trunks. I smelled the subtle incense of their rough bark, as they seemed to glow reddish gold.

Words and Music

This evoked a creative response within me that day and inspired the following poem. Afterwards, I submitted my writing to Dena and asked her to post it on the Daily Napkin. I’m happy to share that with you here.

Sequoia Dreamtime - Ancient massive trunks towering up to the sky in you own dreamtime of centuries passing...

After seeing this powerful image/word collage, I was compelled to set the words to music. And, voila, I was blessed with another new song! Afterwards, I decided to capture the feel of it in a video. With Dena’s assistance, I shot the following video in a friend’s garden. I really like the visually appealing backdrop of the honeysuckle vine behind me. And, I was surprised by the bird happily chirruping along with me in the song’s beginning. Enjoy the song!