I was in Starbuck’s this week meeting with a friend (yeah, I know it’s main stream corporate American culture) and, as I placed my soy steamer order (no coffee for me, thank you), there were CD’s of The Beatles (Abbey Road, Help, Rubber Soul) on the counter. It was a musical flashback. I’m aware from online news that the Beatles recorded music catalog has been remastered on CD and was released this past week, along the The Beatles Rock Band game. As it has for a long time, the marketing machine continues to roll on…..

As I held the Abbey Road CD in my hands, I remembered holding and looking at the Abbey Road LP way back in the day. Wow, it was d’eja’ vu all over again! I recalled the whole “I buried Paul” mumble by John Lennon at the end of Strawberry Fields Forever and then thought about John being dead for years now and George being dead for about eight years. Two Beatles standing now. And, I’m standing, too. O.K, that’s enough Beatle rambling. Next posting, I’ll ramble on about Pink Floyd (just kidding…)

Since my last posting about the new song that came through me last week, it has become clear to me, one more time, that music is a big part of my spiritual path. It is the way that Spirit speaks and creates through me. When I let the energy vibration of music flow through me, life goes easier. When I avoid it or ignore it, I cause myself suffering. My personal mission statement goes like this: I co-create a connected, compassionate world for myself and all living beings by speaking my truth, owning my power, and expressing beauty of Spirit. When I’m in the groove and expressing beauty through music, I’m living my mission. When I push joy and beauty away in the form of music, I’m not living my mission. To express or not express, that is a daily choice for me. May the Muse bless you today in however you choose to express creatively. So many ways to be blessed and to bless others.