Daddy?s Symphony

Witten by Marshal McKitrick
? 2018

Verse 1
From the grain of the wood in the top of the piano
I can hear the notes coming through
I see my father?s face as his fingers race
Up the keyboard and it?s sounding true
In a moment of time I can hear the angels sing
And my heart begins to hum
I?m singing for the old times and all the new times yet to come

Oh, daddy dances through a minuet, then he starts to improvise
And his real joy is when I sing along, I can see it in his eyes
Though I?ll never know the secrets of the child or the man, now I understand
He led me to my symphony and while I listened he held my hand

Verse 2
From the shining of strings while a guitar rings
I can hear the chords framing a song
I see my sister smile as she picks for awhile
Then she?s singing loud and strong
In a moment of time I begin to join in and it?s a harmony for two
We?re playing to our hearts delight and daddy we?re singing for you


Verse 3
As the words on the page come alive on center stage
I can hear the poem delivered clear
I see my son stand proud, as he speaks out loud
From his heart and moves beyond the fear
In a moment of time I begin to weave a rhyme and our souls they come to rest
We?re speaking to Great Spirit, in Great Spirit we are blessed


Oh, Daddy, you led me to my symphony and I thank you for holding my hand