Making a Difference

Life Purpose… I was very idealistic as a teenager. For better or worse, I grew up in the 60’s which was a very tumultuous and exciting time for all who were there for it. As informed by the youth culture of the day, I really dug into and clung to the idea of making a difference in the world. Of course, I had a lot of company in that. In fact, I had the company of a whole generation. So, in my adolescence, I really thought the solution was in changing the world. As I entered my early twenties, I broadened my scope of view. I was guided to join a spiritual organization that challenged me to think about changing myself AND the world. From that point on, life got very interesting for me.

Along my life’s journey, music has been my constant companion. Music has been with me from my childhood with church hymns and singing in the choir to sharing songs with other men in various circles to singing with my wife in sacred ceremonial space. Most of all, music has given me a life purpose, as well as the gift of inspiring and blessing others with powerful and positive vibrations.

Why Have You Come Here?

Dena and I met back in the early 2000?s at a place called Spiritual Life Center. That group had a theme song that was sung every Sunday. It’s called Love, Serve, Remember. Here are the lyrics:

Why have we come to Earth, do you remember?
Why have we taken birth, why have we come?

To love, serve, and remember
To love, serve, and remember?

One of my great friends (whom I also met at Spiritual Life Center) wrote a cool song in this same vein called, You Have Come Here for a Reason. I recorded it last year and it will appear on my album, In This Circle. Here’s the latest mix of it. Enjoy!

Poetry Spotlight: Altar of Spring

I wrote this during my years of working a day job. Parking under the freeway south of downtown Sacramento, I would then walk about a mile to my State office building. I was blessed to walk alongside a city park with plenty of trees and birds. Spring time remains my favorite time for walking outdoors.

Dogwood in SpringALTAR OF SPRING

Written by Marshal Jon McKitrick
March 13, 2002

Passing a garden bower
In my hurry to get to work
I remember Spring
Amidst the machinery
And woes of the world

As I walk through
Sacred grove of tall trees in the park
The praises of morning birds in great joy
Reach my ears

Wandering once more
By the annual carpet
Of white-purple star flowers
I am blessed by their sweetness
Nodding in the morning breeze

And it seems to me
That we are all moving slowly
Upon the altar of Spring