Marshal McKitrick is meadowlark spirit at heart, as music is his passion. He grew up in the Midwest in a musical family, singing in church choirs and playing on the family piano. He’s been playing guitar for over 37 years while writing his own material. He has inspired and amused folks with a wealth of songs, ranging from ballad to social broadside. His musical style is nourished by roots that run deep in folk, rock, pop, blues, country, jazz, world music, and children’s music. His ability to connect the song with the occasion in a variety of different venues creates a singular wedding ceremony, an intimate house party, or an eclectic spiritual celebration.

Marshal performs solo in a variety of venues, as well as in several groups. He plays and sings with the quartet called Harmony Brothers; and co-leads Community Kiirtans with his wife, Dena, and the Souls Journey music collective. He has played with a couple of church bands, and recently played in the band for Janis Kelly’s “Be the Sound of Peace” concert. He loves to sing lead and back-up vocals, whistle, and play rhythm and finger-picking style guitar. He’s also an expressive poet and songwriter.