Releasing House Concert videos


In the last few months, I was finally able to edit all the music videos from my well received February 2015 house concert and they are now ready to share. There were a number of technical difficulties and frustrations with video editing and I’m grateful to Ed Etzel at Audio West Recording Studio for assisting me with the process of producing the best possible videos from the improperly recorded raw material. Starting this week, I will release one house concert video per week with an accompanying blog post.

There are 21 videos in all. I will intersperse goodies from my current studio project, In This Circle, (i.e., rough demo tracks, photos, videos, etc.), along the way. As a reminder, all the folks who attended my 2015 house concert will receive a discount price for In This Circle when it’s available for sale.

I would appreciate it if you would leave comments on my YouTube wall after you’ve listened to the videos. Please be aware that the audio balance between the vocals and the guitar on the videos is not the best, due to the limited number of mics being used during the performance. Still, I hope you enjoy these all original, home-grown tunes and have fun singing along! And, if you wish, share them with your friends.