Yesterday at a gig with my band, Souls Journey, I sang an original tune that came about a few years ago. I was visiting family on the East Coast and enjoying a first time jam with my nephew, James, who’s been playing guitar since he was a teenager. During our jam, we started playing a ska rhythm and some words came out of me about a “brand new day…” After I returned home, the chord structure had stuck with me and I started to let the song come through. Later that year, I played the song at a solo gig and it’s been sitting since then. So, it was a musical treat to practice Brand New Day with the band this month and then play it live. I’ll share a MP3 rough recording of it in this post. It was recorded on Dena’s iPhone, so don’t expect to hear a great mix of it. Yet, another song I need to make a good recording of to share with others. And, a good song to help start out a brand new year with. Enjoy!

If you want to read the words to the song, click here.